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Faculty of Security & Strategic Studies (FSSS)

Sinthia Chakma Krisna

Assistant Professor

Profile Information

Name (English): Sinthia Chakma Krisna

Name (Bangla): সিনথিয়া চাকমা কৃষ্ণা

Department: Faculty of Security & Strategic Studies (FSSS)

Rank: Assistant professor

Designation: Assistant Professor

Appointment Type: Permanent

Blood Group: B+


Details of Education

She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the Monash University, Australia and Master from the University of Evora, Portugal.


Sinthia Chakma Krisna is a Lecturer in the Department of International Relations at Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP). She specializes in media and communications, and European Studies. Her general research interests include political violence and women, ethnic conflict, human rights, ethnic identity, and media. BUP Teaching Commitment MCJ 1207: Mass Communication: Structure and Process IR 2315: Media and International Relations IR 2417: Ideologies in International Relations IR 4734: State, Ethnicity and Nationalism DHSM 4109: Fundamentals of Human Security Management


Number of Books Published: 0

Details of Books Published:

Number Of Publication: 3

Details Of Publication:

1. Shaila Solaiman & Sinthia Chakma Krisna, "Human Rights Violation on Rohingya Women: Experience from a Refugee Camp in Bangladesh .IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science (IOSR-JHSS). vol. 23 no. 06, 2018, pp. 11-16.

2. Sinthia Chakma Krisna. “A Critical Analysis of Globalization and Citizenship Status of the Rohingya.” IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science (IOSR-JHSS). vol. 23 no. 07, 2018, pp. 72-77.3

3. Shaila Solaiman & Sinthia Chakma Krisna, Crime Against Rohingya Women and Children: The Uncertain Destiny in Refugee Camp of Bangladesh”, 2nd International Conference on Rohingya: Politics, Ethnic Cleansing and Uncertainty”, University of Dhaka, September 2018