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Faculty of Business Studies (FBS)

Dr. Jannatul Ferdaous


Profile Information

Name (English): Dr. Jannatul Ferdaous

Name (Bangla): ড. জান্নাতুল ফেরদাউস

Department: Faculty of Business Studies (FBS)

Rank: Associate professor

Designation: Chairman

Appointment Type: Permanent

Blood Group: O+


Details of Education

Ph.D., Capital University of Economics and Business(CUEB), Beijing, China; M.B.A, Finance and Banking, University of Dhaka; B.B.A, Finance and Banking, University of Dhaka.


1.Lecturer, Southeast University (1.09.2009 to 17.01.2015); 2. Assistant Professor, Bangladesh University of Professionals (18.01.2015 to 02.10.2018); 3.Associate Professor, Bangladesh University of Professionals ( 03.10.2018 to Present).


Number of Books Published: 0

Details of Books Published:

Number Of Publication: 9

Details Of Publication:

  • Dr. Jannatul Ferdaous & Mohammad Mizanur Rahman (2017).The Effects of Research and Development Expenditure on Firm Performance: An Examination of Pharmaceuticals Industry in Bangladesh. Business & Entrepreneurship Journal, Vol.6 (2), ISSN 2241-3022(Print); ISSN 2241-312X (Online).
  • Dr. Jannatul Ferdaous (2017). Financial Inclusion Status of Bangladesh: An Empirical Study. Research Journal of Finance and Accounting, Vol.8 (12), ISSN 2222-1697(Paper); ISSN 2222-2847(Online).
  • Dr. Jannatul Ferdaous (2016). Impact of Remittances and FDI on Economic Growth: A Panel Data Analysis, Journal of Business Studies Quarterly, Vol.8(2), ISSN 2152-1034.
  • Veronica I Sandoval & Dr. Jannatul Ferdaous (2015). Consumer Behavior with Information-Processing Constraints. European Journal of Business and Management, Vol.7 (20), ISSN 2222-1905(Paper); ISSN 2222-2839(Online).
  • Dr. Jannatul Ferdaous & Qamruzzaman ACMA (2014). Impact of International Trade, Remittances and Industrialization on the Economic Growth of Bangladesh, Chinese Business Review, Vol.13 (8), ISSN 1537-1506.
  • Md. Qamruzzaman & Jannatul Ferdaous (2014). Building a Knowledge-Based Economy in Bangladesh, Asian Business Review, Vol.4 (3), ISSN 2304-2613(Print); ISSN 2305-8730(Online).
  • Max Wengawenga & Jannatul Ferdaous (2013). Is Regional Integration the Breakthrough for Africa? The Case of COMESA Exports. African Economic Conference, Johannesburg, South Africa. doi:
  • Jannatul Ferdaous (2011). Foreign Inward Remittance Elasticity and Its impact on the Branch Profitability: The Case of Prime Bank Limited. Journal of Business Studies, Center for Business Research, Southeast University, vol.7 (1&2).
  • Prof. Shibli Rubayat-Ul-Islam & Jannatul Ferdaous (2011). Impact of Remittances in the Bangladesh Economy-A Trend Analysis. Journal of Banking and financial services, Department of Banking, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, Vol.5 (1).