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  • Chief Patron        : Major General Md Salahuddin Miaji, rcds, psc
  • Editor                   : Brigadier General A K M Iqbal
  • ISSN                     : 2219-4851
  • Volume                 : 5
  • Issue                     : 1



  • 1 download

    Application of Strategic Planning Process in Local Government: A Qualitative Analysis

  • 2 download

    Effects of Climate Change on Rice Production in Bangladesh: A Comparative Study between Time Series and Stochastic Models

  • 3 download

    Quality Improvement of Primary School Teacher Transfer System in Bangladesh: A Business Process Reengineering Approach

  • 4 download

    Factors Affecting Core Banking Software Performance in E-Banking: An Exploratory Study on Bangladeshi Banks

  • 5 download

    Groundwater Balance of Part of Ganges-Meghna Deltaic Plain and Assessment of Development State of the Groundwater Resources

  • 6 download

    NgugI and Achebe's Debate over Language of African Literature: An Analysis of Chinua Achebe's Linguistic Achievements in Things Fall Apart

  • 7 download

    A Study on the Capital Structure on Profitability of Core Business Operation in the Banking Sectors of Bangladesh

  • 8 download

    Enhancement of Wood Quality through Chemical Modification with Montmorillonite Nanoclay