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  • Chief Patron        : Major General Md Emdad-Ul-Bari, ndc, psc, te
  • Editor                   : Brigadier General A K M Iqbal
  • ISSN                     : 2219-4851
  • Volume                 : 6
  • Issue                     : Special Issue


  • 1 download

    Message from Chief Patron, Editorial Board, Editors Note and Guide to Prepare Articles for BUP Journal (ISSN : 2219-4851)

  • 2 download

    Politics in the Evolving Urban Morphology of Dhaka

  • 3 download

    Enhancing Digitalized Public Service Delivery in Bangladesh Review and Recommendations

  • 4 download

    The Factors Affecting Employee Satisfaction and Its Resulting Effects on Customer Satisfaction A Study on Banking Industry of Bangladesh

  • 5 download

    The Changing Nature of United Nations Peace Keeping Operations Challenges for the Troops Contributing Countries

  • 6 download

    Factors Preventing Women to Climb up the Corporate Echelon in Banking Sector A Study of Glass Ceiling Effect in Bangladesh

  • 7 download

    Rawls’ Theory of Justice as Fairness and Its Application to Society

  • 8 download

    Thermodynamic Analysis of Spark Ignition Engines Using Ethane, Ethanol and Octane

  • 9 download

    Stakeholders’ Roles on Developing Mobile Banking The Bangladesh Perspective