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Completed Research

SL Researcher Faculty Title Completed Details
1 Mohammad Shahazahan Seraj Bhuiyan Faculty of Arts & Social Science (FASS) Attitudes and Practices of English: An Empirical Study in the Secondary Level of Education in Rural Areas of Bangladesh
2 Shazeed-Ul-Karim Faculty of Science & Technology (FST) Zoonotic Transmission of Resistant Strain and Usage of Antimicrobial Agents in Poultry Farms: A Case Study of Bangladesh
3 Md Mosaddeak Khan Chowdhury Faculty of Business Studies (FBS) Socio-cultural and Psychological Influence on Job Satisfaction of the Employees of Public Sector Banks in Bangladesh 01 Jun, 2017
4 Md Showkat Ali Faculty of Business Studies (FBS) Impact of Financial Reporting on the Valuation of Common stocks in the Capital Market-A Study on the Selected Firms Listed with Dhaka Stock Exchange 08 Mar, 2017
5 Alamgir Kabir MPhil & PhD Challenges of Post Disaster Management in Grass Root Level of Bangladesh Coastal Areas and Strategy of Reduce the Constraints 03 Aug, 2016

Ongoing Research

SL Researcher Faculty Title Completed Details
1 Rashidul Islam Khan Faculty of Arts & Social Science (FASS) The Challenges and Opportunities of Demographic Divident in National Development of Bangladesh
2 Mausumi Talukder Faculty of Arts & Social Science (FASS) Folk Elements in Bengali Literature in the Post-Jashim Uddin Era
3 Shashish Shami Kamal Faculty of Arts & Social Science (FASS) Institutions and Entry Barriers: A Study on Selected Sectors in Bangladesh
4 Manila Khisa Faculty of Arts & Social Science (FASS) Problems in Ensuring Universal Health Coverage for the Urban Poor of Dhaka City: A Study of Socio-economic Determinants of Health
5 Sarker Shamima Ahmed Faculty of Medical Studies (FMS) Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Regarding Antenatal Care among Women in Kaligong, Gazipur