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Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) started as Faculty of Technical and Engineering Studies (FTES) in 2012. It turned to its present name on 2014. Currently, there are two departments offering B. Sc. (Honours) programs under this faculty. Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) commenced in 2015. Department of Environmental Science (ENV) commenced in 2017.


Running Departments under FST are as follows:

  • 1. Department of Information and Communication Technology
  • 2. Department of Environmental Science


To achieve the desired level of excellence, the FST emphasizes on the followings:

A meticulous admission and selection process for best possible screening.

  • Interactive sessions in the classroom and uninterrupted curriculum.
  • Effective teaching through innovative methods blended with latest trends and developments

in the world and withits state of the art facilities.

  • Competent internal faculties with flexibility to outsourcing expert resource persons.
  • Regular guest lectures and visits to organizations.
  • Well thought-out and continuous feedback and assessment system.
  • A culture of discipline, punctuality and commitment.
  • Emphasis on Code of Conduct and Dress Code.
  • Focus to develop students as a good human being with all possible attributes of a successful

business leader.

  • A tranquil, external turbulence free secured campus life.


Current Programs

Now FST is running following programs:

  1. B.Sc. (Hons) in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  2. B.Sc. (Hons) in Environmental Science
  3. Master in Information and Communication Technology (MICT)
  4. Master (M.Sc. Engr. /M Engr.) in Information and System Security (MISS)
  5. Master in Environmental Science (MENV)
  6. Certificate Course on Information and System Security (CISS)
  7. CISCO Certified Network Administrator (CCNA)


Number of Students

The Number of seats for the above programs is 50 in each section. Only the Department of Information and Communication Technology has two sections with the seat capacity of 50 for each section. The number of students in current semesters for individual departments is as follows:

1. B.Sc. (Honours) in ICT-356 (77 in Batch 2015, 77 in Batch 2016, 98 in Batch 2017 &  104 in Batch 2018)

  • i) MICT-100 (43 in Batch 2017 & 53 in Batch 2018)
  • ii) MISS-118 (54 in Batch 2017 & 64 in Batch 2018)

2. B.Sc. (Honours) in ENV-97 (48 in Batch 2017 & 49 in Batch 2018)

  •  i) MENV-22 (22 in Batch 2018)


Faculty Members

All the programs of FST are conducted by a group of highly esteemed and qualified faculty members. There are 15 in-house and 22adjunct faculties engaged in imparting lessons to the students.


Future Plan

In future the faculty has a plan to launch all the departments and start higher degrees with a view to keeping pace with the need of the modern technological development the job market. This will enhance student learning and engagement which would enable accreditation standards with other universities.