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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) started as Faculty of General Studies (FGS) in 2009. It turned to its present name on 26th, August 2014. Currently, there are six departments offering BA/BSS (Honours) programs under this faculty. Department of Economics and Department of Disaster & Human Security Management (DHSM) commenced in 2015. Subsequently,three other departments namely Development Studies, English and Public Administration were launched at the beginning of 2016. The admission procedure for the students of the Department of Sociology will commence from October 2016.


Running Departments under FASS are as follows:

  • 1. Department of Development Studies
  • 2. Department of Disaster & Human Security Management
  • 3. Department of Economics
  • 4. Department of English
  • 5. Department of Public Administration
  • 6. Department of Sociology



Now FASS is administering two types of programs:

  • 1. BA/BSS (Honours) Programs
  • 2. Master's Programs

The departments mentioned above are of four-year (eight semesters) BA/BSS (Honours) programs. In Addition the faculty also offers a Master's Program in Development Studies (MDS), which is a self-financed program. This is a two-year Master's program having four semesters.


Number of Students

The Number of seats for the above programs is 42 in each section. Only the Department of Economics has two sections with the seat capacity of 42 for each section. The number of students in current semesters for individual departments is as follows:

  • 1. BSS (Honours) in Development Studies-41
    • i) MDS (Batch-2014)-27
    • ii) MDS (Batch-2015)-39
  • 2. BSS (Honours) in Disaster & Human Security Management-133 (Batch 2015-92 & Batch 2016-41)
  • 3. BSS (Honours) in Economics-165 (Batch 2015-83 & Batch 2016-82)
  • 4. BA (Honours) in English-40
  • 5. BSS (Honours) in Public Administration-40
  • 6. BSS (Honours) in Sociology (First batch admission procedure is ongoing)



All the programs of FASS are conducted by a group of highly esteemed and qualified faculty members. There are 26 in-house and 8 adjunct faculties engaged in imparting lessons to the students. As a subject specialist respected Pro-VC also conducts classes benevolently in various departments.

Future Plan

In future the faculty has a plan to launch Master's Programs for the regular batches.