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On 26 February 2020 Brig Gen A K M Iqbal Azim, ndc, psc, G+, PhD, Dean, Faculty of Arts & Social...

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“Bosonto Boron 1426”

Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) celebrated “Bosonto Boron 1426” on 17 February 2020 in a very...

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May, 2021

Climate Change Vulnerability and ...

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Oct, 2020

Geospatial Information, Earth Obs...


Mankind are now in a brief hinge of history when the human society is struggling to enter in a sustainable equilibrium. Unfortunately, due to the frequent occurrences of natural disasters and catastrophe this equilibrium is lagging behind, where anthropogenic disasters adding fuel in fire. Situation for the developing countries like Bangladesh, who are inherently disaster prone due to the geological and geographical position, the vision of sustainability is turning into mare daydream. In such circumstance, holism and interconnectedness of science and management should come into signify the guiding principles to develop trained personnel with strong need-based academic knowledge, skills and competencies who can understand and manage such meteorological dynamism and disastrous situation to lead the nation towards the summit of Sustainable Development.  


In order to prepare human resource in the field of Disaster Management and serve the nation of 150 million, as well as to fulfill the growing interest and demand from a wide geographic area including overseas, Dept of Disaster and Human Security Management (DHSM) introduced a complete eight (08) semesters BSS  in Disaster  and Human Security Management (honors) program in BUP.