Apr, 2020

EiFAC – Exchanging ideas For a Change
time 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
map-marker Online Event

EiFAC – Exchanging ideas For a Change, a specialized web show took place amidst the pandemic (23-29 April 2020) that discussed life during and post-pandemic from several spectrums including economic, political, developmental, etc. viewpoints. It comprised three informative episodes that included constructive discussions regarding the COVID-19 situation. The web show was a web seminar held in a very engaging manner where the speaker presents his views on a topic addressing live audience and the audience can participate through submitting questions in the comment section of the live.

The main attraction of the event was its guest speakers.  From the very first episode, the show was a huge success and got an amazing response. The guest for the first episode was Dr. Ali Riaz, a Bangladeshi American political scientist and a writer who is also a Professor in the Department of Politics and Government, Illinois State University (ISU), United States of America. Our distinguished guest joined us live on Facebook from the USA  to talk in the topic “Post Pandemic World and Future of the Global Economy” The audience response was fascinating and we got to know various insights from our honorable guest on the global economy, the potential shift of world power, China’s role in the pandemic, distribution of logistics, government roles in a potential economic recession, etc. Our guest for the second episode was Salman Khan Promon, Lecturer, Brac University who is also the Founder and CEO of Mechamind. The discussion topic for the much anticipated second episode was  “The Future of Health Tech and its Implications” The episode was a very fruitful one that covered areas like interventions to manage COVID 19 and to prepare for such future events, the implication of policies with the limited budget, harms of the misinformation, lesson learned from the situation, etc.  The last episode was worth the hype with our third guest being Mahreen Khan, a Ph.D. researcher at the Institute for Work and Employment Research (IWER) at MIT Sloan. She is currently working with Dr. Mushfiq Mobarak at Yale University on joint research to address the COVID-19 crisis in the context of LMICs. The focus area for the last episode was “Impact of Labor Market and Economy in Developing Countries during Covid-19.” The discussion contents included the vulnerabilities to the pandemic, global perspectives, key national sectors, and the implication on the labor market.