Oct, 2020

EMK Center Presents BUP International Quiz League 2020
time 03:00 PM - 12:00 AM
map-marker Online Event

The Covid-19 pandemic has struck the whole world by adapting the ‘Neo-Normal’ life-style. That is why people are getting diverted from the rhythm of their productivity. Being concerned about this, the Quizzers Society of BUP brings the mega online quiz event of the year “EMK Center Presents BUP International Quiz League 2020” to be held from October 22nd to 24th.

 Quizzing is a means of keeping the mind fit and active. Quizzers Society of BUP (QSBUP) believes that though the pandemic has locked-up everyone at their home but has also given a home ground advantage to the ones who want to use this time to learn something new. To provide inquisitive learners and quiz veterans the opportunity to display their flair Besides, it is time to reinvent and recalibrate the entire quizzing process as well. QSBUP is exhilarated to announce this year's 'BUP QUIZ LEAGUE’ as an international competition. Quizzers beyond the national territory will be participating at the event making it the biggest franchise quiz league of 2020. The winners of this year’s International Quiz League will take home prize money of BDT 25,000.