Feb, 2020

The Use of English and Bangla in Bangladesh: Future Research Directions for Sociolinguistics
time 04:00 PM - 07:00 PM
map-marker Bijoy Auditorium

The prevailing discourses in Bangladesh critique the way English is used nowadays in everyday conversations and show an increased concern about the purity of Bangla. It is assumed that the sovereignty of Bangla is destroyed when it is used with English words. It is also presumed that younger generations are subjugated by the colonial legacy of English and consumed by the Western culture, and hence, they fail to maintain the sanctity of  Bangladeshi culture and identity. However, acknowledging the political, ideological, and hegemonic role of English and globalisation, the seminar paper problematises these simplistic assumptions. It demonstrates that any view that represents English as a tool of colonisation and neocolonisation or Bangla as a symbol of Bangladeshi nationalism and  national identity somewhat understates the underlying complexities of language use in Bangladesh. The seminar paper will be focused on the role of English as a language of colonisation and globalisation in the context of Bangladesh. It will analyse the historical, political, ideological, and socio-cultural significance of Bangla in relation to its different regional varieties.