Jun, 2020

Quaranteen Week
time 03:00 PM - 12:00 AM
map-marker Online Event

“Quaranteen Week” was the second online event organized by BUP Global Affairs Council (BUPGAC) amidst the dreaded pandemic. The long lockdown period had been extremely anxiety-inducing for almost all people. The sheer uncertainty revolving around the pandemic was turning out to be profound.

In that debilitating time, BUPGAC took the initiative to launch “Quaranteen Week”. The event had catered to shifting the troubling minds to do something productive for a while. In addition, it had created a platform for development on both individual and community levels.

“Quaranteen Week” was a four-day long event with the purpose of giving the students a push to be productive in idle period during pandemic when everyone was struggling sitting at home. The event consisted of six sessions continuing for three days in total. The essence of the segments was — mental health, higher education, and necessary skills. In addition, there were two more goals — to inspire voluntary work and to promote community leadership.

There were two kinds of sessions — the interactive sessions via Zoom, and the one-way sessions via Facebook Live. Both the types of sessions were open for all, however, the participants were required to register beforehand for the interactive sessions via Zoom. In addition, the participants of the interactive sessions got to flaunt a “Digital Certificate” for their attendance.

The event started on June 28-30 and ended on July 01. Two sessions were held each day.

On the first day, a session on mental health and a session on higher education took place.

The guest for the session on mental health was Dr. Mehtab Khanam, professor and chairperson of the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology at the University of Dhaka. In this session, she discussed depression, anxiety, and relevant disorders such as OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). Moreover, she related these to our current pandemic situation and touched on how we can and should seek professional help in these situations and what we can do to help others who are facing these troubles.

The session on higher education was addressed by Dr. Ragib Hasan, Associate Professor of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA. He discussed different aspects of the university application process such as when and how to apply, the importance of CGPA and ECA, etc. At the same time, he shared his views on contemporary education issues such as online classes and so on.

On day two, both sessions were interactive and took place via the online platform Zoom. In the first session, Sohan Haidar, CEO, and founder of Smartifier Academy discussed the necessities and how-tos of basic software skills. And in the subsequent session, Korvi Rakshand, founder of Jaago Foundation appeared as the guest. He conversed about different aspects of volunteering skills. Participants on Zoom offered the chance to ask questions and get responses. For an online session, this interactive functionality was highly cherished.

The last two sessions were held on the next day. They were on community leadership and the necessity of skills. Osama Bin Noor, the co-founder of Youth Opportunities, took the session on community leadership. He discussed his personal struggle, the journey of youth opportunities, and his future plans. In addition, he touched on how the practice of leadership can be carried out and inspired the next generation in community leadership.For the last session of the event, Ayman Sadiq, founder, and CEO of 10 Minute School graced the viewers with his valuable insights and advice. In the session, he talked about his personal philosophies, his thoughts on the required skills during the pandemic and how students can learn them, and so on.


Under the leadership of the President Abdullah Hasan Sayed, General Secretary Nuzhat Tasnim Rahman Raisa, Senior Vice Presidents- Sufia Tarannum Anika, Md. Mohai Minul Islam and Maleeha Sheikh the event was a successful one. Their dedicated endeavour made the event gracefully thriving in keeping the teens busy in productive activities amidst the frightful pandemic and that should be relieving for the participants at least a little bit.