Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP)

Team Blank Balance of BUP became First Runner UP in Socio Camp IX Held at NSU

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Socio Camp is the flagship event of NSU Social Services Club. 2018 marked the ninth edition of Socio Camp. Socio Camp IX is a national social awareness competition. The competition had 3 rounds. 556 teams participated from 41 public and private universities all across Bangladesh, out of which only 6 teams, including Team Blank Balance and Team Dominus from BUP, were the finalist.

Socio Camp was a life changing experience. It started around October 2018, just few months after the students' protests for Road Safety. For the first round the participants had to design and launch a social awareness campaign for Road Safety. This gave the participants a much needed opportunity to voice their opinions and develop creative solutions to mitigate the pressing issue.

For the second and final round, participants had to make campaigns to promote sustainable consumption, sustainable cities, and waste reduction.

Through Socio Camp IX, BUP team Blank Balance discovered how so much of our social problems are not because of the lack of infrastructure, or regulations, or policies, but because of us and our complacency, and negligence towards our environment and society.

After three competitive rounds, Team Blank Balance, secured the First Runners Up position.

Team members of Team Blank Balance is Samara Sharin (BBA 09), Mahfuzul Alam (BBA 09), M. Abrar Uddin Ahmed (BBA 09) from the Department of Business Administration-General, Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP).