Nov, 2019

17th Economix Global Economic Challenges

17th Economix is a Global Economic Challenge arranged by the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Indonesia. The competition is a very unique one. Participants need to attend 5 rounds in order to reach the stage of glory: 

The 1st round is of paper writing,

The 2nd round is of knowledge assessment,

The 3rd round of paper presentation,

The 4th round is of debate and finally on the basis of cumulative marks of the first 4 rounds the teams that make to the final round participate in a strategic case competition.

This year the theme of the competition was "Digital Economy".

The Team from BUP: comprising of Mahedi Hasan Omi and Kazi Nafisa Hasan from the department of Business Administration in Finance and Banking was the global champion of the 17th Economix. More than 90 teams from 17 diffirent countries participated this year and Bangladesh won it under the banner of BUP.