Oct, 2019

A Field Visit to Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD)

The students of 2nd year (BPA 2018), Department of Public Administration took part in a three-day long field visit to fulfill their academic requirement of the course titled “Rural Development & Administration” from 26-28 September, 2019 at Bangladesh Academy of Rural Development (BARD), Kotbari, Cumilla. The field trip was coordinated by Lecturer Fairooz Binte Hafiz.

The students received a training on ‘Participatory Rural Development’ organized by BARD. The general objective of the training was to acquaint the participants with the application of social research, appraise rural problems and enable first-hand work experience with rural people.

On the very first day of the training, the students attended five lecture sessions respectably on rural development approaches, models and strategies; Cumilla approach to rural development; PRA method in research; thoughts and works of Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi & Akhter Hameed Khan in rural development and how to conduct a field study and prepare a report. Later on the participants were divided into four groups consisted of 11 members for data collection. On the second day, each group was assigned with a specific topic for data collection from villages. Group-A worked on Organizational Development, Group-B worked on Health, Education & Sanitation, Group-C worked on Women Empowerment and Group-D worked on Agriculture & Rural Development. Participants were divided into four groups and went to four different villages using the PRA tools. In the evening, the students visited Cumilla University, Shalban Bihar and Mainamoti Museum. On the last day, based on their findings from the villages, the participants prepared research reports in groups and made power-point presentation before the specialists from BARD on the assigned topics. The groups were assessed and ranked based on their performance. The concluding session and certificate awarding ceremony of the training was chaired by Mr. Milan Kanti Bhattacharjee, Director (Rural Administration and Local Govt.), BARD.