Oct, 2019

Accounting Students Visited to ACNABIN Chartered Accountants

Department of Business Administration in Accounting & Information Systems (AIS) conducted an office visit for the students of AIS- 2017 Batch at ACNABIN Chartered Accountants located at Kawran Bazar, Dhaka on 3rd October 2019. This visit was conducted to generate professional enthusiasm among the accounting students of BUP since major portion of accounting graduates will be seeking Chartered Accountancy as  profession in future.


Md. Rokonuzzaman CPFA FCA, Partner of ACNABIN Chartered Accountants was present there along with Md. Mahedi Hasan, FCA, CIPFA (Affil.), Director, Assurance and Advisory (ACNABIN) and Bhola Nath Kundu ACA, CIPFA (Affil.), Deputy Director and HoD, Quality Assurance (ACNABIN). They conducted an interactive session with the students aiming to introduce the functional activities of ACNABIN as a CA firm and inspire students to choose the right career in future. The prospect of a Chartered Accountant was discussed there with utmost importance so that students of AIS can get the rational justification to go for professional accounting in future.

The visit was conducted as a part of ‘Principles and Practices of Taxation’ course that is offered in the sixth semester of AIS department of BUP. Lecturer Mohammed Moin Uddin Reza Nadim along with Lecturer Ashia Khatun accompanied the students during the visit. The visit ended with handing over a memento of appreciation to ACANBIN and roaming around the office by the students.