Feb, 2020

Batch Trip of Department of Environmental Science ( BES-2017 )

The students of BES-2017 have successfully completed their seven days long Batch Trip in Sajek Valley and Saint Martin’s Island. The main objective of the batch trip was to bring out the students from the monotonous schedule of their academic life. The memory which they have gathered during the tour will be cherished by the students in the period ahead.

The trip was started from BUP premises on 7th of February and ended on 13th of February. The trip was coordinated by Lecturer Fowzia Ahmed, Lecturer Zannatul Ferdous and Lecturer Md. Arifur Rahman Bhuiyan. Two guides were accompanied the students throughout the journey.

The first two days of the tour was spent at Sajek valley and stayed there till 10th of February. The two noteworthy places ‘Helipad’ and ‘Konglek hills’ were visited in Sajek valley. During the time of the trour, students tried to have various traditional foods and get introduced with the culture of the indigenous people. Everyone was mesmerized with the scenic beauty of the Sajek valley where the clouds were covering the hills. After leaving the Sajek valley, Khagracchori Horticulture Park and ‘Alutila Cave’ in Khagrachhori were also visited by the students.

Later they arrived at Saint Martin’s Island on 11th of February and stayed there till 13th of February. Saint Martin’s Island is the only coral island in Bangladesh with full of tropical treasure and beauty. Students also visited the Chheradwip on the 12th of February, which was a great experience for them. A Gala night was also arranged by the students on 12th of February. The night stays in Saint Martin’s Island was an exciting experience for the students where they enjoyed the beauty of moonlit night along with the roar of continuous waves hitting the beach