May, 2023

BUP BNCC Platoon gets newly appointed Cadet Adjutant after CUO Promotion!

The Ramna Regiment of Bangladesh National Cadet Corps issued that Cadet Sergeant Md Fahim Imtiaz of BUP BNCC Platoon has been promoted to the rank of Cadet Under Officer (CUO) in recognition of his dedication and hard work in the organization.

Md. Fahim Imtiaz was adorned the CUO Rank by the Regiment Commander of Ramna Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Rashed Md. Anisul Hoque,PBGM,BAR and the Regiment Adjutant of Ramna Regiment Major Syed Fazle Hossain at the HQ BNCC on 5th April,2023. The issue letter has been published on 12th April,2023. According to the rank, CUO Md. Fahim Imtiaz is appointed as the Company Adjutant of Alpha Company of 3 BNCC Battalion effective immediately.

Md. Fahim Imtiaz is a student of the 2020 batch of the Department of Finance and Banking. He is one of the pioneers who lead the re-opening process of BUP BNCC Platoon in 2020 and was the first cadet in-charge of the platoon till 8th August,2022. He also got entitled with cadet ambassador from 2018 after successfully completing International Cadet Exchange Program-Singapore as a cadet in-charge. Md. Fahim Imtiaz led the BUP BNCC Platoon in the Winter Training Exercise of 2021-22 and reported BNCC statement to CAS General S M Shafiuddin Ahmed, SBP (BAR), OSP, ndu, psc, PhD. Md. Fahim Imtiaz joined the Ramna Regiment as a Cadet in 2017 and has since demonstrated a strong commitment to his duties and responsibilities as a cadet. He has participated in numerous training exercises, community service projects, and other events organized by the Ramna Regiment and HQ BNCC and has consistently shown a willingness to go above and beyond what is expected of him.

During the ceremony, Lieutenant Colonel Rashed Md. Anisul Hoque congratulated Md. Fahim Imtiaz on his well-deserved promotion and emphasized the importance of leadership and service to others in the cadet program. Major Syed Fazle Hossain also spoke, praising Md. Fahim Imtiaz for his dedication and commitment to the Ramna Regiment and encouraging him to continue to strive for excellence in his new role as a Cadet Under Officer.

We congratulate Cadet Under Officer Md. Fahim Imtiaz on his well-deserved promotion and look forward to his continued growth and success in the organization. We also hope that he will take BUP BNCC Platoon into a new height!