Sep, 2019

Contribution of BUP Faculty in the Global Leadership Management Conference 2019, held in California, USA

On 12 September 2019, Dr. Ziaur Rahman Associate Professor of Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP), delivered a speech in the Global Leadership Management Conference 2019 at University of Riverside, California, USA,  on a new composite concept of leadership and management. This new composite concept is an idea of a human personality trait that will enable a leader or a manager to perform their responsibility equally good without any shortfall on the other. The concept was evaluated as the best by the Review Committee of University of Riverside, California and he was appointed as the Session Chair of the conference. In commemoration to honor such findings, the national anthem of Bangladesh was played before his presentation to honor the Nation.

Dr. Ziaur Rahman joined BUP on 01 September 2015 and he is a faculty member primarily focusing on teaching leadership at Faculty of Business Studies(FBS).