May, 2023

Field Visit on Earth Science in the Shaheed Md. Abdul Muktadir Museum Dept of Geology, DU

Department of Environmental Science, Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) organized a Field Visit for the first-year students (BES 2022) on 2th May, 2023 in the Shaheed Md. Abdul Muktadir Museum, Department of Geology, University of Dhaka under the course Laboratory on Earth Science (ENV 1204). The objective of this field visit was to learn different rocks, minerals & fossils etc. as well as to understand their properties, functions and significance to the environment. Students were guided by Assistant Professor Alamgir Kabir & Lecturer Md. Golam Muktadir from the Department of Environmental Science, BUP. Assistant Professor Masuma Chowdhury & Lecturer Tamanna Meheran Shemu from Dhaka University had guided the students with their expert knowledge in geology.


During the field visit students got to learn different diagnostics properties of rocks, minerals and fossils as well as they got to spectate one of the vastly resourceful geological museums of Bangladesh, Shaheed Md. Abdul Muktadir Museum. At first, the students got to learn about igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic make up the three major rock types. Secondly, they got to spectate different types of fossils which gave them insight of different paleo-environmental condition and Earth’s evolutionary history. At the end, the students were briefed on minerals and associated resources of Bangladesh. The field visit was very successful as the students gained hands-on experience and research opportunity which is one of the core values of BUP i.e. to provide enhanced education and research opportunity.