May, 2020

Special Message from the Vice Chancellor: 05 May 2020

My dear students and fellow members of the BUP family, Assalamu-alaikum and good day.

At the beginning, I thank Almighty Allah for keeping us safe in this on-going pandemic situation. Presently, we are experiencing an unprecedented global catastrophe. Determination, adaptability and remaining hopeful are the secrets to overcome the odds.   

Let me first, express my deepest appreciation and satisfaction for the outstanding endeavours of both students and Faculty members in continuing Online Academic Programs. The rapid transformation to online classes immediately after lockdown and continuing the same symbolize the superior standard, professionalism and commitment of the BUPIANS. Thank you and well done.

My beloved students, BUP have always been adopting student focused supportive polices for your wellbeing. Maintaining integrity of the academic curriculum, delivering quality lessons and taking you to the next semester without any delay is our prime concern. Your active participation in the online programs will ensure our uninterrupted journey along the academic year. At our end we have planned for all possibilities to address related issues appropriately. We have already conducted number of Deans Committee meetings, deliberate sessions with all faculty members to identify the challenges you are facing and determine suitable options to overcome those. All plans are set, regular decisions are being taken and implemented for carrying on with the unhindered academic schedule. Rest is with you, your confidence and cooperation to reach the desired objective.

My dear esteemed Faculty members, conduct of the Online program against many odds and challenges is the proof of your worth. I am indeed very proud of your initiative, dedication and hard work amid the pandemic situation. I seek to utilize your professionalism, teamwork and progressive decision-making ability to offer the students an uninterrupted as well as quality education. I am assuring you to provide and provision anything that is required to live up to the expectation of all. 


My Dear BUPIANS, our motto, “Excellence through Knowledge” underlines the commitment of serving the nation with the best. We have already contributed a humble donation in the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s relief fund. BUP has also carried out number of relief distribution activities in the area around BUP campus. BUP’s ‘Student’s Welfare Fund’ has been utilized for the students in need. Educational scholarships and stipends for the students have also reached them. Our Administrative, Financial, ICT and other staff are providing first-rate support in keeping the organisation functional. Handful of administration staff are working day long to keep your academic facilities effective and operational. They are offering this service staying in lockdown state away from their families. BUP campus is missing your cheerful presence and counting moments to see you all again.

BUP is a vast but closely knitted family. As a proud BUPIAN never feel alone. Always keep in touch with us. For any emergency, no moment of time to be wasted in contacting the Faculty members or Deans. The suffering must not be given with the leverage of time nor weakness of lonely stance. We shall overcome all pains standing united In Sha Allah.   


Finally, I would like to end with a final advice of safety. The present situation demands responsible behaviour by all. At your end, you must act responsibly for wellbeing of self, society and nation. Stay home, maintain social distance, avoid gobbledygook of the gossips. Never allow frustration or hopelessness to dominate your spirit. Remember, more the night gets darker- the dawn gets closer. 

May the Almighty protect you, your family, our country and the humanity at large from all sorts of sufferings. Wishing you all the success and peace. Good luck.

Major General Ataul Hakim Sarwar Hasan, SBP, SGP, ndc, afwc, psc, PhD

Vice Chancellor

Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP)