Oct, 2019

Seminar on "UN Peacekeeping Missions and Bangladesh: Allaying Future Uncertainties and Utilizing Opportunities" held at BUP

The Department of International Relations of Faculty of Security and Strategies Studies has hosted a Seminar titled “UN Peacekeeping Missions and Bangladesh: Allaying Future Uncertainties and Utilizing Opportunities.” The seminar started at Bijoy Auditorium of Bangladesh University of Professionals yesterday on 24th October 2019 at 10 am aiming to focus on the achievements, challenges, and prospects of Bangladesh as troops contributing country in UN-mandated peace operations. Maj Gen Mohammad Humayun Kabir, SUP, rcds, psc, Adjutant General, Bangladesh Army was present as the chief guest. Professor Dr. Rashed Uz Zaman, Chairman, Department of International Relations, University of Dhaka presented the keynote paper.

Dr. Rashed explained the historical roots of Bangladesh Army and categorized Bangladesh’s peace operations into three parts- i) volatile terrains and critical learning experiences from 1988 to 1998; ii) Proactive peacekeeping missions dated as 1998-2008 and iii) challenges for robustness from 2008 onwards. Professor Rashed highlighted the commitment gap between the UN and TCC (Troops contributing country) and a lack of adequate financial and technical support in UNPKO. He concluded that the soft approach and colonial legacy largely contributed to the success of the Bangladesh Army. Maj. General Humayun shared his experiences while he served as a force commanderin Cyprus. He identified the difficulties of a dual chain of commands on the ground and cultural differences of troops contributing countries. General Humayun also gave a brief overview of the nature of UNPKO. He emphasized that UN logistics should be operational and should focus on the ‘Unity of purpose’. The experience sharing session was followed by an open discussion among the audience and the guests. Maj Gen Md Emdad-Ul-Bari, ndc, psc, te, Vice-Chancellor, BUP and Professor M Abdul Kashem Mozumder, Ph.D., Pro-Vice-Chancellor, BUP also shared their expert opinion. Brig Gen saif-Ur-Rahman, psc, Dean, FSSS of BUP moderated the session. Lt. Col Md Rabiul Alam (Retd), the Chairman of International Relations Department concluded the seminar with the vote of thanks.Among others, Deans of other faculties, faculty members, students, officers were present in the seminar.