Dec, 2020

Web Sessions Conducted by CPC During the Pandemic for All students of BUP

With the prudent directives of respected former BUP Vice Chancellor Lieutenant General Ataul Hakim Sarwar Hasan, SBP, SGP, ndc, afwc, psc, PhD Counselling and Placement Center (CPC) of BUP conducted Web Sessions regularly since the beginning of the pandemic. During this time students are facing different kinds of stress like career stress, academic stress, socio-emotional stress and anxiety etc. To overcome those these web sessions helped them to get relief from those stress and anxiety. 


CPC conducted total 36 specialized Webinars besides numerous individual counselling sessions from 06 July 2020 which concluded for this semester on 22 October 2020 for all students of 16 departments from all faculties of BUP. There were students from all the 78 batches who participated spontaneously in this web sessions where the attendance was highly remarkable around 95%. 


Based on the present situation these web sessions were conducted in three different aspects, those are Career Guidance, Adaptation strategies for educational stress during COVID-19 and Psychological Resilience during COVID-19. 


These sessions immensely benefitted the students in continuing their stress free and smooth studies. Interested faculties and Chairmen were also present in those sessions. 

Students were encouraged to a greater level in continuing education amidst uncertainty and anxiety. CPC received huge positive responses and feedback from students. 


Career Guidance sessions were conducted by Lt Col Abu Ayub Md Hassan, psc Associate Professor, Additional Director and Mahmuda Akter, Assistant Director. Adaptation strategies for educational stress during COVID-19 sessions were conducted by Lamia Rahman, Academic Counsellor. Psychological Resilience during COVID-19 sessions were conducted by Md. Rakibul Hasan. 


During these sessions’ students discussed their various problems and got their solutions. They also acknowledged their huge satisfaction on these web sessions.  These web sessions were overseen by Additional Director of CPC, Lt Col Abu Ayub Md Hassan, psc. CPC will look forward to continuing more sessions to help the BUP students in coming days.