Nov, 2020

Webinar on "Constitution Day Celebration: Constitutional Tort in Bangladesh - Challenges and Prospects" held at BUP

BUP Law and Moot Court Club hosted a webinar titled "Constitution Day Celebration: Constitutional Tort in Bangladesh - Challenges and Prospects" to observe the Constitution Day of Bangladesh which took place on 4th November 2020.

BUPLMCC is hosting webinars and discussion sessions on contemporary issues from the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis to enhance the multidisciplinary skills of its members and law students as well as young lawyers from around the country using the online platforms. Consequently,  BUPLMCC organized the webinar in honour of our Constitution which has immense significance in every sphere of our socio-political life and its enactment is a vital part of the history of Bangladesh.

Justice M A Matin, Former Judge at Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh and Advocate Arif Khan, Senior Lawyer at the Supreme Court of Bangladesh and Director at Bangladesh Institute for Constitution Studies were present as  panellists of the webinar.

At the beginning of the webinar Justice Matin briefly discussed the history and transformation of Constitutional Tort and its integration into our legal system. He also emphasized on the development of the method to bring constitutional tort within the periphery of constitutional law issues. Advocate Arif discussed several latest cases related to constitutional tort and showed its gradual development in Bangladesh. He highlighted the recent judicial activism regarding tort under the constitutional provisions. Both the speakers admitted the pressing need for codified tort law in our country and suggested the Law Commission of Bangladesh to take necessary initiatives to provide a comprehensive framework for tort in Bangladesh. Lt. Col. Siraj Uddin Ahmed, psc (Retd), Chairman of Department of Law, Bangladesh University of Professionals concluded the webinar with closing speech and vote of thanks to the distinguished guests.

The webinar was hosted by Md. Ikra, Researcher and General Member at BUP Law and Moot Court Club.