Jun, 2020

Webinar on “Graphic Design and Freelancing” held at BUP

A webinar on “Graphic Design and Freelancing” held on 27th June 2020 via ZOOM meeting. The webinar was arranged by the batch-2017 (SOC 1) of Sociology deoartment, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, BUP. Josinta Zinia, Associate professor and Chairman of Department of Sociology of BUP as well as Senior News Caster of NTV was present as the Chief Guest of the webinar. Supravo Chowdhury Nipu, Graphics designer and freelancer was the guest speaker.

The key point of the webinar was how the students can develop their careers in the IT sector, especially in the Graphic Design sector. Speaker of the program also discussed about what skills students needed actually. The webinar focused mostly on what opportunities have in the job market in the IT sector and how skills can be developed. The guest speaker discussed some freelancing sites as well. Therefore, webinar concludes with the question-answering session.