Oct, 2020

Webinar on Proposed Bangladesh Land Act 2020 and Expert's Opinion” held at BUP

Webinar on "Proposed Bangladesh Land Act 2020 and Expert's Opinion” held ?at BUP

Bangladesh University of Professionals Law and Moot Court Club arranged a webinar titled "Proposed Bangladesh Land Act 2020 and Expert's Opinion" on 03 October 2020 through online.

Barrister M Amir-ul Islam, Senior Advocate at Supreme Court of Bangladesh and author of the proclamation of independence of Bangladesh, Prof. Dr. Biswajit Chanda, Member of University Grants Commission and Founding Chairman of Department of Law and Land Administration, University of Rajshahi and Dr. Masum Billah, Associate Professor at Jagannath University joined the webinar as panelists.

In the panel discussion, Dr. Masum Billah critically appraised the proposed Act. He focused on the comprehensiveness of the definitions and recommended the drafters to be meticulous in wording. Dr. Billah also urged Law Commission to synchronize the provisions of the proposed Act with the existing statutes in order to eliminate the loopholes.

Prof. Biswajit Chanda highlighted the challenges of shifting the jurisdiction of trying land disputes from judiciary to executive branch. Dr. Biswajit uttered the magnitude of judiciary's involvement in the settlement of land disputes.

Barrister M. Amir-ul Islam emphasized on the proper training of the adjudicators of land tribunals. He further recommended to design a mechanism of co-operation between judiciary and local administration. Barrister Amir also agreed with Dr. Biswajit that judicial officers should be appointed as the adjudicators of land tribunals.

All the panelists praised Bangladesh Law Commission for such an initiative to enact a comprehensive land legislation as well as they requested the Commission to ameliorate the proposed Act by taking necessary measures to efface the shortcomings and loopholes.

Md. Abu Hanif, Lecturer in Law at Bangladesh University of Professionals and Moderator of BUPLMCC, commenced the webinar with his opening speech and Lt Col Siraj Uddin Ahmed, psc (Retd), Chairman at Department of Law, Bangladesh University of Professionals concluded the webinar with closing speech and vote of thanks to the distinguished guests. The webinar was hosted by Zayed Bin Naser, General Member at BUP Law and Moot Court Club.


Among others, students from the Department of Law, BUP also joined the webinar.