Jun, 2020

Webinar on ‘Research Article Writing Processes’ Organized by BUP Research Society

BUP Research Society (BUPRS) arranged a webinar on ‘Research Article Writing Processes’ with the help of the Moderator of BUPRS Dr. Md. Mohoshin Reza during the Corona Pandemic situation. The Webinar was held on 28 June 2020 at 5.15 pm through Stream yard live. The President of BUPRS Sadia Akther Rima and the Vice-President of BUPRS Syeda Sadia Zahin Ria were the host of the event.

BUPRS was thankful to have Brigadier General A. K. M. Iqbal Azim, ndc, psc, G+, PhD, Dean, FASS, and Chief Coordinator, BUPRS, BUP, as the Chairperson of the event. The resource persons of the Webinar were - Dr. Fahmida Haque, Chairman & Associate Professor, Department of English, BUP; Dr. Md. Mohoshin Reza, Associate Professor, Department of English, BUP and Moderator, BUPRS and Dr. Shamsunnahar Khanam, Chairman and Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Science, BUP.

It was a 2 hour online session in which students participated as the direct audience. The Introductory Part (covering Title, Abstract, Keywords, Research Questions, Introduction, Literature Review and Theoretical Framework) of the Webinar was covered by Dr. Fahmida Haque; the Research Methodology part was covered by Dr. Md. Mohoshin Reza and the Concluding Part (covering Writing the Body of the Article, Recommendation, Conclusion and Referencing) was covered by Dr. Shamsunnahar Khanam. After the discussion, a ‘Question-Answer’ session was held for the students who directly questioned and were answered on the writing processes of research articles. Finally, the Chief Coordinator of BUPRS, the Dean of FASS, delivered the concluding note as the Chairperson of the Webinar. It was a successful online webinar from BUPRS.

With offering thanks to the Chief Patron of BUPRS, the Vice Chancellor of BUP Major General Ataul Hakim Sarwar Hasan SBP, SGP, ndc, afws, psc  and the Patron of BUPRS, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of BUP,Dr. M Abul Kashem Mazumder for their good wishes and support to BUPRS, the Webinar was declared ended.