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In Bangladesh, at present a large number of females are serving in various fields in different military & civil organization. The number of serving housewives has gradually increased in recent years than ever before. As both father & mother are serving parallelly, nurturing their children are being hindered. That’s why parents must have to depend on housemaid for looking after their beloved children which sometimes are not safe & reliable. As a result, matter of nurturing the children in absence of parents is creating a silent hindrance at their workplace.

BUP has established a Day Care Center and the function of this Center has started officially since 5th December 2017. It has all types of modern amenities that ensure proper nutrition, pre-school education, first aid and indoor


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05, Dec, 2017

To provide high quality appropriate childcare for preschool children with focus on the individual child's age and ability to stimulate social, cognitive, physical and emotional growth to provide a safe, nurturing and recreational environment for pre-school age children of BUP Officials.


To establish a long run impact of keeping infants and young children (under 7 years) during the office time (daytime) so that all employees of BUP can get an ideal & healthy environment for their dearest children in their tender age.


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