Md Moshfequr Rahman, SGP, SUP, ndc, psc

Vice Chancellor, BUP

Mr. H N Ashiqur Rahman

Member of the parliament, (23, Rangpur-5)

Mr. Muhammed Faruk Khan

Member of the parliament, (215, Gopalgonj-1)

Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid

Member of the parliament, (234, Sylhet-6)

Major Rafiqul Islam (Retd), Bir Uttam

Member of the parliament; (264, Chandpur-5)

Professor Dr. Kazi Shahidullah

Chairman, University Grants Commission, Dhaka

Professor Dr. M Abul Kashem Mazumder

Pro-Vice Chancellor, BUP

Lt Gen Md Akbar Hossain, SBP, SUP (BAR), afwc, psc, G+

Commandant, National Defence College

Rear Admiral M Abu Ashraf, BSP, ncc, psc

Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Personal), Naval HQ, Banani, Dhaka

Major General Susane Giti, FCPS, MCPS, MMEd

Commandant, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Dhaka Cantonment

Air Vice Marshal M Abul Bashar, BBP, OSP, ndc, acsc, psc, GD(P)

Assistant Chief of Air Staff, Air HQ, Dhaka Cantonment

Major General A K M Mustafa Kamal Pasha, SPP, ndc, MPhil, MPH

Commandant, AFMC, Dhaka Cantonment

Commandant, DSCSC, Mirpur Cantonment

Major General Md Fakhrul Ahsan, BSP, ndu, psc

Commandant, Bangladesh Military Academy, Bhatiary, Chattagram

Major General Md. Abu Sayed Siddique, SPP, afwc, psc, PhD

MGO, AHQ, Dhaka Cantonment

Major General Md. Wahid-Uz-Zaman, ndc, aowf, psc, te

Commandant, Military Institute of Science and Technology( MIST), Mirpur Cantonment

Begum Selina Haque

Additional Secretary, Ministry of Defence

Md. Abdullah Al Hasan Chowdhury

Additional Secretary (University), Ministry of Education

Prof. Dr. Syed Md. Golam Faruk

DG, Secondary & Higher Education Directorate , Dhaka

Brigadier General Syed Mofazzel Mawla (Retd)

Dean, Centre for Higher Studies & Research, BUP

Cdre M Sharif Uddin Bhuiyan (S), NGP, ndc, afwc, psc, BN

Dean, Office of the Evaluation, Faculty and curriculum Development Studies, BUP

Air Core Muhammad Belal, BUP, ndu, ndc, psc, GD(P)

Treasurer, BUP

Air Cdre Md Readad Hossain, BUP, ndc, afwc, psc, ADWC

Chief, Public Relation, Information and Publications, BUP

Brig Gen Sheikh Salahuddin, MMEd, MPH

Dean, Faculty of Medical Studies, BUP

Brigadier General Saif-Ur-Rahman, psc

Dean, Faculty of Security and Strategic Studies, BUP

Brig Gen Md Anwar Shafique, ndc, psc

Inspector of College, BUP

Air Commodore Javed Tanveer Khan, BSP, ndc, afwc, acsc, psc, GD(P)

Director, Military Training Directorate, AHQ, Dhaka Cantonment

Brigadier General Md. Jalal Uddin, MPH

Commandant, AFMI, Dhaka Cantonment

Brigadier General Md. Israt Hossain, ndc, psc

Chief Finance Officer, Office of the Chief Finance Officer, BUP

Brig Gen Md Zahidur Rahim, ndc, afwc, psc

Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology, BUP

Brig Gen Mustafa Kamal Rusho, ndc, psc, G

Commandant, Artillery Centre & School. Chattagram

Brig Gen Abul Khair Mohammad Iqbal Azim, ndc, psc, G+, PhD

Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, BUP

Brig Gen Md Zamal Mahmood Siddiq, ndc, psc

Chief Planning, Development & Works, BUP

Brig Gen K M Ferdausul Shahab, BGBM, PBGMS

Dean, Centre for Modern Languages, BUP

Air Commodore Md. Mostafa Mahmood Siddiq GUP, awfc, acsc, psc

Commandant, Bangladesh Air Force Academy, Jessore

Brig Gen Md Moazzem Hossain, BGBM (BAR), PhD

Dean, Faculty of Business Studies, BUP

Brig Gen Abdul Quayyum Mollah, ndc, psc

Controller of Exam, BUP

Dean, Faculty of Business and Social Science, BUP, BMA, Bhatiary, Chattagram

Commodore Masud Iqbal, (C) NPP, psc, BN

Commandant, Bangladesh Naval Academy, Patenga, Chattagram

Registrar, BUP

Mostafizur Rahman

Member of the parliament, (10, Dinajpur-5)