Major General Ataul Hakim Sarwar Hasan, SBP, SGP, ndc, afwc, psc, PhD

Vice Chancellor, BUP

Professor Dr. M Abul Kashem Mazumder

Pro-Vice Chancellor, BUP

Professor Dr. M. Shah Nowaz Ali

Member, Bangladesh University Grant Commission

Khaleda Pervin

Additional Secretary (General), Ministry of Defense

Md. Abdullah Al Hasan Chowdhury

Additional Secretary (University), Ministry of Education

Professor Dr. Humayun Kabir Chowdhury

Chairman, Department of Marketing, Jagannath University, Dhaka

Humayun Farhad

Joint Secretary, Justice & Parliamentary Affairs (Legislative & Parliamentary Affairs Division)

Brig Gen Syed Mofazzel Mawla (Retd)

Dean, Centre for Higher Studies & Research, BUP

Brig Gen Md. Azizul Islam

Professor & Head of the Department, Department of Psychiatry, AFMC, Dhaka Cantonment

Commodore S Salahuddin Ahmed, (S), NUP, NDU, afwc, psc, BN

Dean, Office of the Evaluation, Faculty and curriculum Development Studies, BUP

Air Commodore Muhammad Belal, BUP, ndu, ndc, psc, GD(P)

Treasurer, BUP

Air Commodore Md Aminul Islam, ndu, afwc, psc, GD(P)

Chief, Public Relation, Information & Publications, BUP

Brig Gen Mohammad Mizanur Rahman, MPH

Dean, Faculty of Medical Studies, BUP

Air Commodore Md. Shafiqul Alam, BPP, ndc, psc

Director, Air Force Training Directorate, Air Force HQ, Dhaka Cantonment

Air Commodore Hasan Mahmood Khan, GUP, nswc, psc

Deputy Commandant, DSCSC, Mirpur Cantonment

Air Cdre Md. Abdus Salam, BPP, psc

Dean, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, MIST, Mirpur Cantonment

Brig Gen Saif-Ur-Rahman, psc

Dean, Faculty of Security and Strategic Studies, BUP

Brig Gen Md Anwar Shafique, ndc, psc

Inspector of College, BUP

Air Commodore A S M Fakhrul Islam, GUP, ndc, afwc, psc

Director, Military Training Directorate, AHQ, Dhaka Cantonment

Brig Gen Sheikh Salahuddin, MMEd, MPH

Commandant, AFMI, Dhaka Cantonment

Brigadier General Md. Israt Hossain, ndc, psc

Chief Finance Officer, Office of the Chief Finance Officer, BUP

Brig Gen Md Zahidur Rahim, ndc, afwc, psc

Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology, BUP

Brig Gen Mustafa Kamal Rusho, ndc, psc, G

Commandant Artillery Centre & School, Chittagong

Brig Gen Abul Khair Mohammad Iqbal Azim, ndc, psc, G+, PhD

Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, BUP

Brig Gen Md Zamal Mahmood Siddiq, ndc, psc

Chief Planning, Development & Works, BUP

Brigadier General A S M Ridwanur Rahman, afwc, psc,G

Director, AHQ, GS Br, MT Dte, Dhaka Cantonment

Brig Gen K M Ferdausul Shahab, BGBM, PBGMS

Dean, Centre for Modern Languages, BUP

Air Commodore Haider Abdullah, ndc, fawc, psc, GD(P)

Commandant, Bangladesh Airforce Academy, Jessore

Brig Gen Muhammad Wasim-Ul-Haq, ndu, afwc, psc

Dean, Faculty of Business Studies, BUP

Brig Gen E M Azizul Kahhar, psc, G

Controller of Exam, BUP

Commodore Mostak Ahmed, (G), NPP, psc, BN

Director of Naval Training Personal Branch, Naval HQ, Banani, Dhaka

Brig Gen S M Shamsul Salekin, psc

Dean, Faculty of Business and Social Science BUP, BMA. Vhatiary, Chittagong

Brig Gen Md Mustafizur Rahman

Director of Studies, Bangladesh Military Academy, Vatiary, Chittagong

Commodore Masud Iqbal, (C) NPP, psc, BN

Commandant, Bangladesh Neval Academy, Pottenga, Chittagong

Col Mohammad Shahriar Zaman, afwc, psc, G (Arty)

Director, Recherche and Academic Wing, NDC, Mirpur Cantonment

Brig Gen Md Mahboob Sarwar, ndc, afwc, psc, G+

Registrar, BUP