Dr. Md. Faruk Shah


Department of Development Studies
Faculty of Arts & Social Science
Bangladesh University Of Professionals
Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh



Dr. Md. Faruk Shah (ড. মোঃ ফারুক শাহ)

Associate Professor (Adjunct)

Dr. Md. Faruk Shah is an Associate Professor ofthe Department of Development Studies, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has12 years of teaching experience at university level and 15 years as a freelanceresearcher in the field of gender, resettlement, health and development. He hasa sound educational background that includes Postgraduate-level education witha PhD in Anthropology under the School of Social Sciences from the Universityof Auckland, New Zealand. Moreover, he has completed BSS (Honors) and MSS (oneyear) degree in Anthropology from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Alongwith teaching, he has carried out extensive research works on gender and healthissues, ethnic communities and development, micro-credit program and highereducation in Bangladesh

Academic Qualification: 

PhD in Anthropology, School of SocialSciences

University ofAuckland, New Zealand (2015).

Master of Social Sciences in Anthropology (2005)

University of Dhaka, Faculty ofSocial Sciences, Bangladesh

Bachelor of Social Sciences in Anthropology (2004)

University of Dhaka, Faculty ofSocial Sciences, Bangladesh

Ph.D, University of Auckland
Masters, University of Dhaka
Honors, University of Dhaka
H.S.C, Ambari College
S.S.C, Jashai High School
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  1. Teaching, Research and Training
  • Anthropology of Development, Anthropological Theories, Psychology and Development, Development Ethics, Research Methodology, World Civilization, Bangladesh Studies

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a)      University of Aucklnad Doctoral Scholarship 2011;

b)      Auckland University Arts Faculty Grant 2012