Message from Vice Chancellor


At the beginning, I respectfully recall the invaluable contributions of our Father of the Nation - Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who set the stepping-stones for us to have a country of our own. On his centenary birth anniversary, we unitedly pledge to uphold the spirit of Bangabandhu and materialize his dream of making our beloved Bangladesh as Shonar Bangla. I also solemnly acknowledge the priceless contributions of all the martyrs and the valiant Freedom Fighters whose sacrifices brought us this far.

I truly recognize and appreciate the great efforts by Bangladesh Army for establishing this stunning university in 2008. Within a decade, BUP has already grounded its strong footprint in the academic arena of Bangladesh. For these spectacular achievements, I would like to congratulate and applaud the endeavours of the founder generations and my predecessors. What they had set out to do was not just inspirational at that time but feels relevant even now.

BUP is a unique public university in Bangladesh with the motto “Excellence Through Knowledge”. It aims to provide high quality education to both civil and military students with the vision of developing Bangladesh into a more advanced and enriched nation from all perspectives. In this regard, I would like to focus on three dimensions:

Firstly, Ability to deliver Excellence in Education,
Secondly, Capacity to ensure Excellence in Research & Publication, and
Lastly, Commitment to attain esteemed Global University Ranking.

Let’s consider our ability to deliver excellence in education. BUP in its unique setup is striving hard to instill discipline, inculcate knowledge and provide quality education to the students. When I look at BUP, I see a university that enrolls top students and recruits leading faculties from around the country. I see a university that balances its tried and tested teaching methods with growing student demands for new approaches to learning. BUP’s success relies on our ability to deliver to our students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, the best possible facilities and opportunities to develop themselves into human assets who can fulfill the university’s missions of serving society through teaching, learning and research at the highest international standards of excellence. BUP’s uniqueness lies in its endeavours to cultivate the physical and mental capacities of the students through the assemblage of diverse extracurricular activities. BUP puts emphasis on nurturing its graduates into socially responsible and virtuous human beings. With our strict policy against any forms of extremism and discrimination, we become unique nationally and can compete head-to-head internationally. Our focus should always be for ‘QUALITY’, never for ‘quantity’. We try to instill in them the finest education within the best possible parameters while at the same time, cultivating their inner virtues. Amalgamation of these education and virtues will provide wisdom to our young graduates, which is the most valuable quality we can help to nurture in them. We need to possess distinctive impetus and strategic vision while recognizing constraints. But most of all, we must remember that building the reputation of BUP and securing public trust is linked to the public’s understanding that what we do through education, learning and research is good for everyone. And to do that, all of us at BUP must work together in a unified manner; we must work as ‘we’ and not as ‘I’.

This brings me to my second point - BUP’s capacity to ensure Excellence in Research & Publication.  BUP has already shown admirable prospects in research through its MPhil and PhD programmes alongside the Honours and Master’s degree programmes. My focus will be to emphasize more on the discovery of new knowledge and search for truth by widening the opportunity and participation of talented students regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds. To become pioneers in research, we must have global ambitions while meeting local requirements. BUP needs to build partnership on research with reputed universities. It has already taken the steps by signing MOUs with some reputed universities around the world. We must encourage, facilitate and support our faculty members and students in conducting boundary breaking research in their fields. We must inculcate in them the desire to search and innovate. They should also learn to challenge obsolete ideas of the society in favour of newer and more visionary notions. I shall endeavour to expand and enrich BUP Library and extend it up to Faculty level. We need to focus and emphasize more on frequent and quality publications up to Faculty level. This will strengthen and enable BUP to attain international standard.

Lastly, BUP’s Commitment to attain esteemed Global University Ranking. BUP commits to formulate required long term strategy for esteemed Global University Ranking through proper Google indexing, impact factor analysis of publications including all other relevant steps. Besides, BUP to have a global reputation in creating liaisons with reputed international companies and institutions as well as entrepreneurs. We can create this liaison through organizing internship fairs, job fairs, education fairs, etc in collaboration with international organizations. These initiatives may help our students gain a broader outlook about the outside world and allow outside world to identify immense potential carried in our students. A more central concern in securing international repute is the involvement of BUP’s alumni. BUP has an extensive list of illustrious alumni members who have illuminated the name of BUP nationally and internationally. These graduates can serve as a bridge to connect current students of BUP to the outside world.

I wish to strive for achieving BUP’s vision 2030 and to do that, I would like to formulate BUP’s Strategic Academic Plan for next decade. For that, I have already formed a board with experienced and highly qualified faculties. I aspire to ensure Counseling and Placement Center (CPC) more users friendly and effective in order to guide and facilitate students for higher education/ credit transfer abroad through varsity connectivity and also for suitable job opportunity. I wish to initiate as much infrastructural development as possible. I wish to involve our students into physical fitness and different games & sports. These activities will enhance their physical well-being and provide much needed lessons on team spirit, leadership and socialization. I have already instructed to make two gyms for male and female separately so that all of us can remain healthy and in good spirit.

I sincerely hope that the faculty members, from their own position, will work harder to enable better performance of BUP. My aspiration for the BUP of the future is that the assortment of BUP’s outstanding scholars, students and staff alike would converge together to illuminate its name to the world. Remember: “Strive for excellence, Success will follow.”

I would like to quote Rabindranath Tagore’s poem “Mind without Fear”:
“Where the mind is without fear
and the head is held high,
where knowledge is free.
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls.
Where the mind is led forward by thee
into ever widening thought and action.”

The end state of life is ‘HAPPINESS.’ Our all achievements and accomplishments can be worth if our hearts and minds remain happy in our both personal and professional life. Let us be illuminated through the lights of truth and happiness.

I look forward working with you all to shape a shared strategic vision built on the distinctive heritage of this extraordinary university. Thank you and good luck.

Major General Ataul Hakim Sarwar Hasan, SBP, SGP, ndc, afwc, psc, PhD

Vice Chancellor

Bangladesh University of Professionals

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