Research Area

Faculty of Arts & Social Science (FASS)

  • Good research data management practices ensure efficient accessibility and retrieval of research data for reliable and timely verification of the research findings.
  • Research data management helps researchers validate research data and results as needed. Facilitates new innovation by other researchers who build on the knowledge contained within the dataset.
  • Research data generated by NUS staff or students are the properties of NUS and should generally be archived for a minimum period of 10 years to enable retrieval and verification by the university when necessary.

Faculty of Security & Strategic Studies (FSSS)

Faculty of Science & Technology (FST)

  • Research area means a location within a licensed research section used for the cultivation, planting, growth, handling, harvesting, conditioning, storage, distribution, transporting, or processing of industrial hemp plants, plant parts, grain, or seeds.

Faculty of Business Studies (FBS)

Faculty of Medical Studies (FMS)

  • The impacts of CSR programs and initiatives on brand image: a case study of McDonald’s India
  • A critical analysis of argument of mandatory CSR for private sector organizations in Australia
  • A study into contradictions between CSR programs and initiatives and business practices: a case study of Philip Morris Philippines
  • A critical analysis into the role of CSR as an effective marketing tool
  • A study into the role of workplace ethics for improving brand image