Invited Commentary—Reflections on ICT-enabled Bright Society Research

Publish Status:  Completed

Research For:  CHSR

Date:  04-May-2023

Year:  2020

Since the advent of the AIS Grand Vision Project of ICT-enabled Bright Society (in short, Bright ICT), there has been significant excitement as well as confusion about the concept. To resolve ambiguities about the types of research that are consistent with this vision, the notions of Restorative Bright ICT Research and Enriching Bright ICT Research are defined. In addition, we propose three perspectives that can differentiate Bright ICT research from traditional research approaches to create a disruptive impact on society. To address societal problems that are often global in scope, Bright ICT research recommends taking a holistic design of future society encompassing technologies and policies as well as business models driven by visionary principles. This paradigm can be an extension of design science for the scope of a Macro Information Society.