Fire Risk in RMG Factories of Bangladesh: Assessment and Suggested Remedial Measures

Researcher Name/Project Director/Author: Mridha Md Ekramuzzaman Registration Number: 100401170018, Session: 2016-2017

Publish Status:  Completed

Research For:  CHSR

Date:  25-Sep-2023

Year:  2023

Supervisor Name/Project Supervisor:  Mehedi Ahmed Ansary, PhD Professor Department of Civil Engineering Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

For the last few years, frequent fire incidents in Readymade Garments (RMG) factories in Bangladesh resulted in thousands of worker losses, making them lifeless and
injured. This fire risk in RMG factories has become a great concern for the factory itself and for globally renowned buyers. The study first identified the major problems in the RMG factories that led to fire incidents. In this research, initial findings have been made from the inspection report of the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh. From Accord inspection reports, a random 350 RMG factories of Bangladesh have been chosen for data analysis. From those reports, a Microsoft Exceldatabase has been prepared by the researchers to carry out further analysis on three main categories i.e structural, fire, and electrical hazards. After data analysis, it is revealed that electrical short circuit is one of the main causes of fire incidents in the RMG factories of Bangladesh. Based on these initial findings, further study has beenmade to assess the fire risk/ status of the RMG factories. In the research, it is also revealed that among 70 random RMG factories, only 17% are safe, 56% are moderately safe and 27% are unsafe.

Key Words: Readymade Garments (RMG), Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC), Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), BangladeshKnitting Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BKMEA), Accord and Alliance,National Tripartite Plan of Action (NTPA).

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