A review of Communication Tools and Techniques for Successful ICT Projects Ernest Mnkandla, University of South Africa

Publish Status:  Under Review

Research For:  Bangabandhu Chair

Date:  11-May-2023

Year:  2021


Practitioners have repeatedly mentioned that projects that lack effective communication are doomed to fail. Project communications management involves the generation, collection, and storage of information within a project. Project communication therefore provides vital ingredients for the go-no-go decisions in a project through the effective selection of the minimum essential things that can be done to share the collected information among the stakeholders. A fast growing way to manage software development projects is agile project management, whose focus is balancing between continuous releases of quality deliverables and frequently sharing project progress information. In this editorial, we advocate for research on the approaches, tools, and techniques that are used in agile project management in relation to those used in the more traditional approaches to project management to effectively manage communication in software development projects in Africa. The hope is to bring to surface knowledge on how project management communications is currently being effected, as well as the factors about these communications that are distinctive to this region when contrasted with the rest of the world.

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