The Evolving Nature of UN Peace Support Operations: Opportunities and Challenges for Bangladesh

Researcher Name/Project Director/Author: Md Aftab Hossain Reg : 100401180038 Session : 2017-2018

Publish Status:  Completed

Research For:  CHSR

Date:  26-Dec-2022

Year:  2022

Supervisor Name/Project Supervisor:  Mohammad Mozahidul Islam, PhD Professor Department of History Jahangirnagar University


Bangladesh has emerged as one of the leading troops contributing countries (T/PCCs) of UN Peace Support Operations (UNPSOs). Recent transformation of UNPSOs from ‘traditional’ to ‘multidimensional’ peacekeeping is offering new opportunities but at the same time, posing multidimensional challenges. This study aims to investigate how to enhance the role of Bangladesh in UNPSOs by overcoming those challenges. The research has examined the factors hindering Bangladesh to enhance contribution in UNPSOs and state of preparedness of Bangladesh to utilise the opportunities generating from the evolving nature of UNPSOs. Based onthe three decades of experiences in UNPSOs, involvement in Chottogram Hill Tracts and frequent deployment for ‘In Aid to Civil Power’; Bangladesh has acquired huge potentials, which are yet to be explored through identifying the ways to utilise those. This qualitative study has analysed both primary (KIIs and FGDs) and secondary data to justify the arguments. Bangladesh has the opportunities to contribute more in UNPSOs despite multidimensional challenges emanating from the changing scenarios in the globalcontext. To explore the opportunitiesa prudent strategy with work plan at national level and its harmonised execution can enhance Bangladesh’s contribution in UNPSOs, which are essential for persuading national interestin this regard. However, modification of the existing policies and further study about the employment of Bangladeshi NGOs in UNPSOs would be helpful for such initiatives.Key Words: UN, Peace Support Operations, PeacekeepingOperations, Peacebuilding, Bangladesh, Opportunities, Challenges, Bilateral relation.