Brig Gen Md Mustafa Kamal, SGP

Cheif Advisor


 The BUP Computer Programming Club, founded in January 2024, is dedicated to advancing knowledge in computer science and cybersecurity. With the motto "Code, Compete, Conque" the club offers interactive workshops, competitions, and mentorship to bridge theoretical learning with practical application. Key activities include coding contests and flagship events such as CodeConclave and HackFest. This club provides a unique platform for students to actively engage in research and hands-on projects, contributing to the university's reputation as a hub of technological innovation. The club's activities not only complement the academic curriculum but also serve as a testament to BUP's commitment to nurturing well-rounded professionals equipped to address the challenges of the digital age.

About Club


To cultivate technical expertise, foster teamwork, and instill a commitment to excellence, particularly in programming and cybersecurity, empowering members for success in the tech industry.


To transform learners into proficient, inventive technologists dedicated to ethical conduct, embracing diversity, and making a positive societal contribution, while shaping the future of technology responsibly.


Code, Compete, Conquer

Club Moderator List

Nazneen Akhter



Abdullah Al Mamun


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