Brigadier General Mohammad Shamsul Arefin, ndc, psc

Cheif Advisor


BUP Economic Club focuses on educating both its members and its audiences about the importance of economics in our everyday lives and living. This club plans to host 3 different types of events as well as seminars on various sectors of economics around the year. EconTalk which is an event that brings the recent economic phenomenon to light, sheds light on national budget analysis and importantly, hosts a debate competition. EconMaster, this event focuses on educating.

About Club


To provide all students interested in the field of Economics opportunities to engage in Economic debate and discussion through student and faculty presentations, panel discussions, publications, films, lecturers from outside the BUP community and expeditions to sites of Economics interest. It also serves as a forum for students for student input and a venue for the dissemination of information...


To present BUP as a platform to take part in the development of the society and the world through economic knowledge sharing, research and findings.



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