Brigadier General Mohammad Shamsul Arefin, ndc, psc

Cheif Advisor


Founded in 2012 as two separate clubs, BUP Literature Club and BUP Debating Club successfully merged in 2015 as BUP Literature and Debating Club (BUPLDC) and in 2018 the club started the journey on its own. In 2019, the club started with a new identity BUP Literature and Drama club. A family of over 100 unique and enthusiastic members, BUPLDC finds it’s strength in the unified passion towards literature that it’s diversified members collectively hold.

About Club


BUP Literature and Drama Club's goal is to foster a thriving community of readers and actors who are deeply passionate about both the written word and the performing arts. We seek to cultivate a love of literature and drama while giving members a platform to improve their communication, critical thinking, and artistic abilities through stimulating meetings, creative expression, and collabor...


Our vision for the Literature and Drama Club is a community where the transformative power of literature and drama fuels creativity, empathy, and personal growth. We aspire to create a lasting impact on our members and the wider community by fostering a love for the written word and the art of performance, enriching lives and enriching the world.


Conclusion is Where it Starts

Club Moderator List

Dr. Md. Mohoshin Reza


Sumaeta Marjan



Noshin Tabassum Shifa


Sharmin Mahmuda


Club Member List

Rafat Zaman Dhrubo

Executive Member

Nusrat Jahan Jerin

Executive Member

Khadija Tul Kobra

Executive Member

Nujhat Aslam Nieon

Executive Member

Maeesha Bushra

Executive Member

Md. Monjurul Islam Riad

Executive Member

Farzana Abida Prova

Executive Member

Rifat Jahan

Executive Member

Sabrina Arju Mst Sabrina Moktar Arju

Executive Member

Club Activities

  • Jun 13, 2024

BUP LitFest 7.0

This October, LitFest 7.0, hosted by BUP Literature and Drama Club, celebrated "...

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