Department of Disaster Management & Resilience

About Department of Disaster Management & Resilience

This department intends to facilitate students by developing their skills and creative judgment for effective management of natural and man-made hazards along with climate change related issues through multidisciplinary approach. The mission is to provide theoretical as well as hands-on practical learning through lab-based exercises and field works, this enables our students to solve critical contemporary problems through risk assessment and disaster risk reduction (DRR). The faculty members of this department completed post graduate studies from world renowned institutions from countries like USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Poland, Malaysia, and China, this reflects their capabilities to produce disaster management experts and global leaders. It is worth mentioning that our recent graduates are actively contributing to the disaster management, development, research, and GIS sectors of Bangladesh plus some of them went on to pursue Masters and PhDs in countries like the USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, and Hungary. The long-term goal of our department is to create personnel who will contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Bangladesh Vision 2041 and development of Bangladesh.