Centre for Modern Languages

About Centre for Modern Languages

Centre for Modern Languages (CML) was established in 2011 as the Language Centre under Faculty of Arts and Social Science (FASS). In 2015 it was renamed and started its journey as a separate centre named “Centre for Modern Languages”. CML of BUP is one of the prominent language learning centres in the country. The main aim of CML is to promote and provide facilities for the study of modern languages. At present CML is conducting following programmes:

   1.   Foreign language for undergraduates students of BUP

   2.   Various language certificate courses (open to all).

CML offers Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Turkish language courses of Elementary, Level-1 and Diploma category. Courses are conducted by a group of experienced and qualified teachers, along with adjunct faculty members affiliated with the Institute of Modern Language (IML) of Dhaka University, Alliance Francaise de Dhaka etc.

Admission Criteria:

A circular for admission is posted in BUP website (www.bup.edu.bd) and also in few well reputed national daily newspapers. A letter is also circulated in the Armed Forces & Paramilitary Forces inviting their participation in the language Courses. We invite application for admission twice a year, January-June Semester & July-December Semester.

Courses Run by CML

1.   Elementary Course:     The duration of elementary language course is of four months and the eligibility for admission in elementary language course is minimum HSC or equivalent.

2.   Level-1 Course:    The duration of level-1 language courses is of six months and the eligibility for admission in level-1 language course is elementary or equivalent course qualified.

3.   Diploma Course:     The duration of diploma language course is of one year (02 x Semester) and the eligibility for admission in diploma language course is level-1 or equivalent course qualified.