Staff Training

Staff Officer Development Program

1.    Staff Officers are professional employees who contribute very significantly to the success of
BUP. The University recognizes that effective staff officers’ development is not only vital to meeting future goals and ambitions but also makes an essential contribution to the development of a responsive, staff supportive and well managed institution. BUP also identifies that the Staff Officers are its one of the important stakeholders and as such the efficient and effective functioning of the institution depends on its support for and provision of Staff Officer’s development and training for academic, academic-related and non-teaching staff alike at all levels across the organization.

Purpose of the Program
1.    Policies, procedures and practice designed by BUP to develop the knowledge, skills and awareness
of Staff Officers and by so doing, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the individual and the institution.

Objectives of the Program
1.    To help individual staff officer acquire knowledge, skills or awareness which will allow them
to fulfill current responsibilities more effectively.

2.    To help groups of staff officers work more efficiently together as a team and reconcile
 between the conflicting requirements of various stakeholders.

3.    To help individuals or groups of staff meet the demands placed on them by organizational
change and development at either Administrative Branch or at Academic Branch.

4.    To help individuals develop the skills, knowledge and expertise which will equip them for
future career development.

5.    To enable staff officer who acquire new skills to have these recognized and find appropriate
opportunities to exercise them in their employment.


Staff Training

# Name Venue Status
1 Staff Officers Development Program
01 Aug 2017 - 17 Aug 2017
Virtual Class Room Completed
2 Public Procurement
07 Dec 2022 - 08 Dec 2022
Bijoy Auditorium Completed