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D. Shamsunnahar Khanam

·        2018-2023
Ayesha Akter,ab Masafumi Goto,*a Megat Johari Megat Mohd Noor,a Ahmed Parvez,c Shamsunnahar Khanam, Md. Abu Bakar Siddique, e Md Faysal Hossainf and Tapos Kormoker (2023),
“Immobilization of heavy metals in tannery sludge by the formation of tobermorite in subcritical water treatment with rice husk silica, Royal Society of Chemistry. IF:4.036 (Q1)

D. Shamsunnahar Khanam

·         Tahsina Khan, Shamsunnahar Khanam, Md Habibur Rahman, Syed Mahbubur Rahman | Determinations of microfinance facility or installing solar home system (SHS) in rural Bangladesh | Energy Policy | Volume 132 | 2019, IF: 5.042 (Q1)

D. Shamsunnahar Khanam

·         Shamsunnahar Khanam, Md. Golam Muktadir and Afnan Dilshad (2022) Climate Change and Its Impact in Different Seasons: A Micro-level Community Based Study in the South-Western Coastal Area, Bangladesh” JOURNAL OF FST (Volume 1, Issue 1).

D. Shamsunnahar Khanam

·         Raihan Sorker and Shamsunnahar Khanam (2022) “Phthalate esters (PAEs) : Emerging organic pollutant  in Aquatic Ecosystems”, for publication in the JOURNAL OF FST (Volume 1, Issue 1).

D. Shamsunnahar Khanam

·        Eng. K.J. Sirikumara   and  Dr. Shamsunnahar Khanam (2021), “Understanding the Diffusion,Performance and Barriers of Biogas Development” INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FORINNOVATIVE RESEARCH IN MULTIDISCIPLINARY FIELD, (ISSN: 2455-0620) (ScientificJournal Impact Factor: 6.719) Monthly Peer-Reviewed, Refereed, Indexed ResearchJournal, Index Copernicus International - IC Value: 86.87.

D. Shamsunnahar Khanam

·        Shamsunnahar Khanam1*,Tabassum Sultana2, and Zannatul Ferdous3 (July, 2021)“Retail Food Waste: Existing Research and Research Gap”, Ann Soc Sci Manage Stud.2021; 6(5): 555696. DOI: 10.19080/ASM.2021.06.555696

D. Shamsunnahar Khanam

Ayesha Akter, MegatJohari Megat Mohd Noor, Masa Goto, Shamsunnahar Khanam, Ahmed Parvez, Md.Rasheduzzaman (2019), “Landslide Disaster in Malaysia: An Overview”,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INNOVATIVE RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT, Vol 8 Issue 6, DOINo. : 10.24940/ijird/2019/v8/i6/JUN19058

D. Shamsunnahar Khanam

Md. Istiak Hossain, Dr.Shamsunnahar Khanam, Md. Arifur Rahman Bhuiyan (June, 2021), “ Assessment ofWater Quality Parameters and Associated Health Impacts of Supplied DrinkingWater in Mohakhali and Banani Area of Dhaka City, Bangladesh, InternationalOrganization of Scientific Research (IOSR), Journal of Environmental Science,Toxicology and Food Technology, Vol. 15 (6), DOI: 10.9790/2402-1506025966

Alamgir Kabir

(6) Sorker, R., Khan, M.W., Kabir, A., Nawar, N. (2023) Variations in ecosystem service value in response to land use changes in Dhaka and Gazipur Districts of Bangladesh. Environmental Systems Research, 12, 32. 

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(1) Hossain, M.S., Kabir, A. & Nargis, P. (2017) Climate Change impacts and adaptation in wetlands. In: Prusty BA, Chandra R, Azeez PA (ed.) Wetlands Science: Perspective from South Asia. Springer Nature. 

Md. Arifur Rahman Bhuiyan

Emerging small-scale textile industries in residential areas of Mirpur, Dhaka City, Bangladesh: an assessment of the discharged wastewater quality and potential impacts. 2022. Tania, K.A., Bhuiyan, M.R. & Ferdous, M. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 194, 560. Publisher: Springer Nature.

Md. Arifur Rahman Bhuiyan

Human perspectives on rooftop gardening for ensuring food security in COVID-19 situation in Dhaka City, Bangladesh. 2021. Md Arifur Rahman Bhuiyan, Zannatul Ferdous. Big Data in Agriculture. 3(2), 74-78. Publisher: Zibeline International Publishing

Md. Arifur Rahman Bhuiyan

Macroplastics on Soil-Plant System: Inhibiting Effects of Macroplastics on the Growth of Green Amaranth (Amaranthus viridis). 2021. M Ferdous, MAR Bhuiyan and KA Tania. American Journal of Plant Sciences. 12(6), 926-933. Publisher: SCIRP.

Md. Arifur Rahman Bhuiyan

Assessment of water quality parameters and associated health impacts of supplied drinking water in Mohakhali and Banani area of Dhaka City, Bangladesh. 2021. MI Hossain, S Khanam and MAR Bhuiyan. IOSR Journal of Environmental Science, Toxicology and Food Techbnology. 15(6 ii), 59-63.

Md. Arifur Rahman Bhuiyan

Cadmium and Lead tolerant bacteria isolated from industrial wastewater. 2017. MAR Bhuiyan, TF Khan, MS Chowdhury and SMI huq. Dhaka University Journal of Biological Sciences. 26(1), 29-38.

Md. Arifur Rahman Bhuiyan

Impacts of Tannery Effluents on the Environmental Quality of Hazaribagh Area of Bangladesh and its Possible Remediation Measures: A Review. 2022.  Faria Jahan, Md Arifur Rahman Bhuiyan, Israt Jahan, Md Golam Muktadir, Fatema Shahinur Jahan. Journal of FST. 1(1), 241-262.

Md. Arifur Rahman Bhuiyan

CROP GROWTH ENHANCEMENT: INVESTIGATING THE SIGNIFICANCE OF TEA WASTE COMPOST APPLIED AS ORGANIC FERTILIZER ON THE GROWTH RESPONSE OF MAIZE (ZEA MAYS) PLANT. 2023. Md. Arifur Rahman Bhuiyan, Syeda Tahmida Mutahara Abdal, Intehum Taufique Aurnab, Rifat Ahmed Shanto, Zannatul Ferdous. Journal of Wastes and Biomass Management. 5(2). 41-45. Publisher: Zibeline International Publishing.

Md. Arifur Rahman Bhuiyan

Implementation of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) and water lettuce (Pistia stratiotes) in the re-treatment of conventionally treated pharmaceutical wastewater: a case study of Radiant Pharmaceuticals Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 2023. Era Juliet Das, Md. Arifur Rahman Bhuiyan, Md. Mahfuz Hasan. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 195:1210. Publisher: Springer

Israt Jahan

.,Bhuiyan, M. A. R., Jahan, I.,Muktadir, M. G., and Jahan, F. S., (2023). Effectsof Tannery Effluents on the Environmental Quality of Hazaribagh Area ofBangladesh and Its Possible Remediation Measures: A Review. Journal of FST,Vol 1, Issue 1, pp. 249- 271. 

Israt Jahan

Jahan, F., Bhuiyan, M. A. R., Jahan, I., Muktadir, M. G., and Jahan, F. S., (2023). Effects of Tannery Effluents on theEnvironmental Quality of Hazaribagh Area of Bangladesh and Its PossibleRemediation Measures: A Review. Journal of FST, Vol 1, Issue 1, pp. 249-271.

Israt Jahan

Jahan, F., Bhuiyan, M. A. R., Jahan, I., Muktadir, M. G., and Jahan, F. S., (2023). Effects of Tannery Effluents on theEnvironmental Quality of Hazaribagh Area of Bangladesh and Its PossibleRemediation Measures: A Review. Journal of FST, Vol 1, Issue 1, pp. 249-271

Israt Jahan

Roth, D., Khan, M.S.A., Jahan, I.,Rahman. M.R., Narain, V., Sing, A.K., Priya,M., Sen, S., Shrestha, A., and Yakami, S., (2018). Climates ofUrbanization: Local Experiences of WaterSecurity, Conflict and Cooperation in peri-Urban South-Asia. ClimatePolicy, Taylor & Francis, DOI: 10.1080/14693062.2018.1530967.

Md. Golam Muktadir

Raff, J.L., Goodbred, S.L., Pickering, J.L. et al. Sediment delivery to sustain the Ganges-Brahmaputra delta under climate change and anthropogenic impacts. Nat Commun 14, 2429 (2023).

Dr. Asib Ahmed

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