Academic Counselling

About Academic Counselling

Academic counselling complements the academic mission of BUP by providing campus services and resources and to support an environment that foster personal growth, learning, development, and overall wellbeing of students. Academic counsellors provide educational guidance, insight or direction and assist students about academic and social matter. The nature of this assistance might be to inform, suggest, coach, mentor, or counsel so that students can maximize their educational potential and make the most of their BUP experience.

Why should a student take Academic Counselling?

Academic Counselling supports students academic, personal, and professional growth. When students participate in our counselling support from our counsellor, they discover and develop their strengths, establish their academic identity, engage in leadership and learning opportunities, and build the confidence and competence they need to thrive.
All information provided to the academic counsellor is confidential. It will not be shared with family, university staff, course instructors, or others unless you provide written permission. It will not become part of your academic record at BUP. You will not be charged for the services.

Academic Counselling Supports

➢ Academic Guidance
        Academic skill enhancement
        Time management strategies
        Presentation skill development
        Managing test anxiety

➢ Study abroad guidance
        Graduate admission
        Exchange program (2+2 or 3+1)

➢ Career Guidance
        Career guidance of undergraduate and graduate students

➢ Overall wellbeing
        General guidance 
        Adjusting to BUP life
        Study- life balance
        Digital addiction

Academic Counselling Drop-in hours:

Sunday - Thursday:

8:30am to 2pm (once you are at the office the counsellor will book a session for you)

More about Individual Counselling appointments:

  • •    All counselling is confidential; information is not released unless requested by the student and signed consent is on file. 
    •    It will not become part of student’s academic record at BUP.
    •    Students can use Academic Counselling support at any point in their studies, from the first year to graduate school.
    •    Students may self-refer to the service or be referred by  faculty, Chairman or Dean of the department.
    •    This service is available to all students at BUP.
    •    Academic counselling is free. Students will not be charged for the services.