About Us

About CPC

Counselling & Placement Centre in short CPC started its journey on 13 May 2019 with the purpose to assist students in formulating academic and socio-emotional counselling and guiding the students to enter the job market with career Counselling. With the promulgation of BUP Office Order 307/209 date 08 May 2019, the Office of the Student Counselling and Guidance (OSCG) started functioning on 13 May 2019. OSCG was renamed as CPC and approved on 15 Jul 2019 in by the Executive Committee and 30 Oct 2019 Syndicate Meeting of BUP. This center is advised and guided by respected Vice Chancellor.

Mission & Objective

  1.   ➢ To assist the students in their academic and socio-emotional well-being.
  2.   ➢ To guide the students to develop professional skills to achieve success in the career.
  3.   ➢ To guide students to prepare for placement and career opportunities.

Services Offered

Hence, the Counselling & Placement Centre provides counselling services for BUP students to assist in dealing with socio-emotional, academic and career issues:

  •  ➢ Academic Counselling
  •  ➢ Socio-emotional Counselling
  •  ➢ Career Counselling

Support Design

Individual Counselling: Many students meet with the counselor on a one-to-one basis. The frequency and number of sessions depends on the requirement of the student and is decided by student and counselor’s mutual convenience. Session duration is 40-60 minutes.
Group Counselling: Counselling in groups, offers a broad range of insight and support from peers and professional counselors. Some groups deal with general concerns, others have a more specific focus such as personal growth, elimination of self-defeating behaviors, academic skill development, study abroad and career development.
Seminar, Workshop & Training: Counselling and Placement Centre organizes workshop and seminars regularly on need based and age-appropriate topics. To develop student’s professional skills CPC provides number of training sessions where they can grow personally and can be prepared for future job market.
Placement Assistance: Upon coordination and networking; placement center help students to explore career opportunities by creating Internship and job placement. It allows qualified students to get an exposure to professional life in their field of study.

Work Ethics

  • Strict confidentiality and non-judgmental approach.

Our Team

Lieutenant Colonel Khandakar Golam Sarwar, PPM, Inf

Additional Director


Lamia Rahman Ahad

Academic Counselor


Md. Rakibul Hasan

Assistant Academic Counselor


S. M. Wahiduzzaman

Assistant Director


Mst. Farjana Yasmin

Assistant Socio Emotional Counselor


Nahid Sultana Bithi

Section Officer