Appointment Procedure

Session Intake procedure

1. Regular students can come through 2 process:
    a) Self-referred 
    b) Referred by faculty or any BUP officials. 

2. Session schedule will be taken from the counsellor earlier.

3. Meet the Counsellor Time: 0900-1000 hours (students can book their schedule and talk to counsellor during this period) 

4. Session Time: 1000-1400 hours (Pre-scheduled sessions will be taken here. However, in case of any emergency, prior schedule will not be required) 
    a) Academic counselling- Please meet the counsellor at the room number 08 to book an appointment.  
    b) Socio-emotional Counselling-  You are requested to meet the officer at room number 09 to book an appointment.  
    c) Career Counselling- Please meet the counsellor at room number 05 to make an appointment.  

5. How can I change my appointment? 
To change the appointment, you need to email your counselor at least one day prior to the 
scheduled time. The counselor will do the same if s/he needs to change the appointment.