Master of Social Science in Economics

Faculty: Faculty of Arts & Social Science (FASS)

Department: Department of Economics

Program: Master of Social Science in Economics

Course Outline

Broad Objectives:

• To encourage critical and strategic ways of thinking using the principles of economics. The objective is to generate an appreciation of economic dimensions extending to social, political, environmental and international issues. 

Specific Objectives:

• To provide basic understanding and/or basic principles of economic theory and policy and how they apply to a wide range of real world issues.

• To train the students to utilize the techniques of Mathematics, Statistics and Modern Technology as tools of economic analysis.

• To master the theoretical and applied tools necessary to conduct economic research.

• To deliver specific knowledge, understanding and skills which are relevant to a variety of career aspiration including post-graduate study in areas closely related to economics.

• To deliver specific knowledge of relevant mathematical, statistical, and econometric methods and the ability to employ specific software.

Applied only for students, completed undergraduation from BUP.