Affiliate Institute

Signal Training Centre & School (STC&S)

Type: Army

Location: Jassor Cantonment

Signal Training Centre & School was raised on 01 November 1976 and subsequently Dhaka Cantonment and subsequently move to its present location at Jessore on 26 March 1979. STC&S has two main wings: Signal Training Centre (STC) and School of Signals. STC imparts basic military and trade training to the recruits classification. In addition it also imparts various up and promotion courses of certain trades of the Corps of Signals. On the other hand, School of Signals is bestowed with the prime responsibility of imparting basic and advanced training on communication and computer matters to the Officers, Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO)s and Non-commissioned Officers (NCO)s of Signals Corps. It also imparts training to the selected Officers, JCOs and NCOs of other Army/Services of Bangladesh Army. Signal Records being the custodian of all the serving and retired persons (JCO/NCO/NCE) of Corps of Signals, maintains all kinds of data and documents for smooth functioning of promotion, posting, mission, seniority and pension related jobs of the Corps of Signal.