Communication Lab


About Communication Lab

BUP has a good number of Laboratories with most modern equipment. “Communication Lab” under the department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is one of them. It is highly equipped with educational instruments to provide students practical knowledge with the vision of “Digital Bangladesh”. Communication related equipment such as Signal Generators, Oscilloscopes, Measuring Components, Optical Fiber Training Panel, Telecommunication Training System, Wave and Antenna Training System, Wireless Transmitters and Receivers, Analog and Digital Modulation Equipment, Advanced Analog and Digital Communication Trainer etc. provide practical implementation of different types of communication systems. Communication related courses are conducted in this laboratory. This lab is designed under the supervision of experts in relevant field as per the academic curriculum of the undergraduate students as well as the recent trends in ICT sector. The lab is also used for research and project purpose for the students of Masters. In future this lab will be enriched with many more equipment such as DSP, Wireless, Micro-strip Trainer etc.